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Should I Get a BA in Film?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media are currently in demand by employers in many industries. Film has been the primary medium for storytelling for more than a century. However, theatrical cinema isn’t the only venue to consume films in today’s day and age. While digital media and television bring forth new forms of moving image culture, cinema continues to survive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 10% job growth for producers and directors between 2019 and 2029. Much of this demand results from the rising popularity of on-demand movies, streaming shows, and social media, specifically for reality entertainment. The BLS also…

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How to Handle the Unexpected

It’s easy to plan ahead for the things we foresee. It's not always easy to handle the unexpected. But we believe planning for the unexpected should always be a part of our plan. Here are some tips on how to remain balanced during uncertain times. Control How Much Media You Consume: When we are feeling overwhelmed or worried our brains can gravitate towards negative news. While it’s great to be informed you don’t need to be glued to the tv, or social media at all times. What you feel is largely informed by what you are consuming. Stay informed but don’t feel the need to…

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The Founder of Latinx Therapy on How to Level Up Your Student Experience

When Adriana found out she was pregnant freshman year of college she knew she was going to have to kick it into overdrive. As a first-generation college student, the pressure was already immense. Paired with the culture shock of being away from home for the first time along with the birth of her son, life forced her to get real about her needs as a student, “the transition of going [to university was hard], I came from a school in a low socio-economic area and they didn’t prepare me well enough for college,” she said. Like many of us who are embarking on an educational…

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What are the Career Paths for My Major?

Choosing a major used to mean boxing yourself into a specific and narrow field of work. Luckily earning your Weekend/Evening & Online MSMU degree will train you to apply your studies in a variety of careers and specializations. Applied Psychology The focus of applied psychology is the implementation of real-world results over abstract theories and lab-based experiments. Our program focuses on teaching how to relate basic psychological practices (theories, principals, methods, and techniques) to our everyday lives. Because of its broad spectrum, applied psychology has a wide variety of career applications in treatment centers, social service agencies, manufacturing, distribution centers, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and clinics.…

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10 Study Tips for People With Day Jobs, Kids, and Limited Time

Let’s be real, going back to school is an exciting new journey but it can also feel really overwhelming. If you’ve got kids, a full time job, or just the responsibilities that come with everyday life-- one of the best things you can do is create a game plan of the most efficient study practices to abide by. There are so many things you can do to ensure your success in a university setting. We’ve compiled a few that we know will help you reach your goals at MSMU: Determine how you learn best: A quick search will find plenty of tests that can help…

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How to Kick the Negative Self Speak and Focus on Learning

There are all kinds of study tips and tricks we are told that are super important in college. Things like eating something before class, eliminating distractions, taking rigorous notes, and trying to get a good night’s rest the night before a big test. But something we don’t really talk about is the way our inner dialogue impacts our success in the classroom. Something we all fall victim to from time to time is negative self speak, but the stress of schoolwork and getting out of our comfort zones can greatly increase one’s feelings of stress, self doubt, and negativity. It’s no secret that our thoughts…

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Fired Up on BBQ Love: Che Ruddell-Tabisola ’04

By Anissa V. Rivera Che Ruddell-Tabisola ’04 finds celebration in the daily grind. As co-owner of the BBQ Bus Smokehouse in Washington D.C., Ruddell-Tabisola runs a business that includes a celebrated storefront and pioneering food truck. “You have to stop when you can and acknowledge what you’ve accomplished, feel good about it, be mindful of how perfect in its own way this exact moment is, and you have to appreciate it because for better or worse there will never be another moment like it,” he says. Some moments stand out: In fifth grade, the California native started a petition to cut the amount of homework…

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Navigating Doheny Campus

When you’re going back to school one of the most stress-inducing activities can be finding your classroom, where to park, and locating relevant student services. Our Doheny Campus is pretty simple to navigate. You’ll find a complete map of the campus here but nearly all of the weekend and evening courses will take place in Building 4, on the North West side of campus. One of the amazing things about the university setting are the student services. We encourage students to take advantage of everything the Doheny campus has to offer! Academic Advisement Located on the first floor of Building 2. T: 213.477.2866 The Academic…

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5 Ways Adult Students Have It Better Than Young Students

  You might think that being a working professional means that you are too old, too tired, or too busy to go back to school. You might even wonder if you will be able to channel the part of your brain that knows how to study. The biggest question is, how will you find time to do it all? We have great news! At Mount Saint Mary’s University, Weekend/Evening & Online College working students actually maintain a great GPA and many (if not most) find their return to school to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their adult lives. Our students are supported…

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