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Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media are currently in demand by employers in many industries.

Film has been the primary medium for storytelling for more than a century. However, theatrical cinema isn’t the only venue to consume films in today’s day and age. While digital media and television bring forth new forms of moving image culture, cinema continues to survive.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 10% job growth for producers and directors between 2019 and 2029. Much of this demand results from the rising popularity of on-demand movies, streaming shows, and social media, specifically for reality entertainment. The BLS also projects 18% job growth for film and video editors and camera operators during the same period

A degree in Film and Media can help you make the most of these employment trends.

Designed to accommodate busy lifestyles, the Film & Media program at Mount Saint Mary’s University’s Weekend/Evening and Online College gives students experience in the development, production, and post-production of cinematic storytelling. Students can select between evening courses or classes that meet six weekends per semester in 4 possible course blocks: Saturday & Sunday, 8 am-2 pm & 3 pm-9 pm

To further your studies, Mount Saint Mary’s University also offers an MFA in Film & Television.

Mount Saint Mary’s Film and Media courses are taught at the Mount’s Hollywood studio facility, which puts students right in the center of the world’s entertainment capital.

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The unique environment of the MSMU programs allow students to learn all aspects of filmmaking—from proposal writing, pre-production, research, shooting, sound, editing, outreach, to fundraising—in order to discover and develop their talents and skills.

If your dream is to work in the entertainment industry, a film degree may be your best bet!

Realize your dreams of being a working member of the media with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University!

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