You might think that being a working professional means that you are too old, too tired, or too busy to go back to school. You might even wonder if you will be able to channel the part of your brain that knows how to study. The biggest question is, how will you find time to do it all?

We have great news! At Mount Saint Mary’s University, Weekend/Evening & Online College working students actually maintain a great GPA and many (if not most) find their return to school to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their adult lives. Our students are supported every step of the way in their academic progress and professional growth.

Adults students actually have several advantages that you might not have thought about before. Read on to find out what they are!

1) You Know Why You Are In School

Adults with full lives go back to school with specific goals and focus that gives them an advantage over their younger peers. Going back to school for them is a deliberate choice founded in their personal goals and drive to succeed. They have experienced the working world and understand the benefits of completing their degrees. Weekend/Evening & Online College at MSMU offers 11 Bachelor’s degrees and 2 certificate programs in flexible and convenient formats – evening classes, select weekends, hybrid courses and fully online courses that allow you to choose a field you are passionate about and create a program that works for you. In fact, we’ve been recognized as one of the top degrees for adults in Los Angeles.

2) You Know How to Manage Your Time and You Know When To Ask for Help

Being older also means that you aren’t easily distracted by social activities, friends or relationship issues. You understand that a night out might not be worth it if it means not being able to meet your obligations the next day. You also have organizational skills that help you keep track of your studies, assignments and when you will complete them. You also know that it’s ok to ask for help if you are feeling lost and luckily at Mount Saint Mary’s you have plenty of resources to help you achieve success. Our 12:1 student-faculty ratio means our professors are focused on you and will be available to support you every step of the way.

3) You Have Real World Experience

We recognize that adult students are an asset to our university and that their real-world experience enhances their studies. Our working students thrive because they are supported and celebrated. The average GPA for Weekend/Evening & Online College students is 3.7. Our programs allow you to carve a program so that the majority of our instruction takes place on select weekends so that you never have to miss weekday work — while still retaining time to relax and enjoy your family and personal life. By concentrating instruction into six intensive weekends per session, you can earn credits in a timely manner to help you achieve your dream of a college degree.

4) You Can Apply Your Learnings At Work Right Away

If a school teaches you theories, then the working world gives you hands-on opportunities to apply what you are learning. You can utilize principles from your lectures at work which might propel you to a promotion or raise. Whether you are learning a new topic or getting a degree to advance in your current field, studying at Mount Saint Mary’s will give you newfound confidence in every area of your life. Through your research projects, class discussions and relationships with our outstanding professors you will not only gain a classroom education but skills that will encourage you to dream bigger too! 

5) You Don’t Have to Choose Between Supporting Your Family and Achieving Academic Success

Many of our students are juggling work, and family. We understand that leaving the workforce to finish a degree might not be feasible or desirable for everyone. Our weekend, evening and online schedule make college possible without having to miss a single day of work. You can mix and match face-to-face classes on select weekends and evenings, hybrid classes and online courses. You set the pace of your studies and can attend full time or part-time. In addition, you will feel supported by your classmates who are also working adults, and our professors. Click here to read what our students say about us.

By 2021, adults students will be 10.3 million strong! You could be one of them!

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